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March 19, 2010 Leave a comment

This inspiring post was originally posted by Melanie Baker in The Executive Suite. We liked it so much we thought we would share it here as well.

Melanie Baker

Inspiration can be found in obvious places and the most unlikely spots. I am inspired on a daily basis by…

Watching acts of kindness between total strangers, the words in a song on the radio, a phrase found on a church marquee or on a roadside billboard, an article in a magazine at the doctors office,  a positive story on the news, a line or scene from a movie, the recollection of an event from an elderly relative, learning of a teenager serving  in their community, celebrities rolling up their sleeves to help those in need, children starting charities because they see a problem and want to be a part of the solution, bios of athletes during televised sports events, local schools raising money for others with heart issues or the prevention of birth defects, a sermon on a Sunday morning, a thought provoking idea printed on the side of a coffee cup, a nationwide movement to raise awareness and funds to support women’s health, selfless acts of bravery to protect and serve the lives of others by our fire fighters, police, and military, the music industry sharing their gifts to raise money for tragedies in other countries, missionaries braving their own safety to open the eyes and hearts of the lost, local residents serving others then recognized in their local newspapers, homes being built by those with much for those with little, a TV show that helps those that have sacrificed their own comforts to help their community or country, non-profit organizations established to reach out to the less fortunate, a biography from the library, advertisements at the movies on or TV, in the joyful faces of those participating in sports events for those with special needs, foundations to support at risk youth for a better and brighter future…

Are you paying attention or are you so wrapped up in your own world that you’re missing it? I’ve heard, “When you’re wrapped up in yourself, you’re a very small package.” Life is so much more than just us! Start today by looking around and paying attention and you’ll see it too. Let the inspiration that you see be a catalyst for you to inspire someone else today!

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