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Who have you met today – Tracey C. Jones

Being as the foundation of The Executive Suite is networking, we thought it would be fitting to have a series that chronicles the inspiring new people we have met as a part of our everyday business in the Executive Suite. This is the first in that series and details our path to meeting Tracey Jones, President of Tremendous Life Books and daughter of Charlie “Tremendous” Jones.

Back in early 2009 we happened upon Tracey Jones quite by accident. Melanie, the wife of our COO, was doing some research on reading materials for her daughter to read over the summer. She had heard on a CD that John Maxwell’s father had paid him to read books of significance and she thought that was a great idea. I would later come to find out by reading “Life is Tremendous” that Charlie Jones did the very same thing with his son.

So as she searched for books that build character and promote personal growth, the name Charlie “Tremendous” Jones seemed to consistently pop up. This led her to Executive Books (Later to be re-named Tremendous Life Books), a niche bookstore founded by Charlie “Tremendous” Jones. The people working there were extremely helpful in assisting her with what she was looking for.

Melanie had also been charged with building a library at work. She was to assemble business and leadership books for the executives and managers to read for their personal self improvement. Based on her very positive experience with Tremendous Life Books, she returned there for advice. Her note to customer service requesting assistance ended up with Tracey Jones, the President of the Company (how’s that for customer service!!). Melanie and Tracey have much in common and hit it off immediately.

At the Executive Suite, we are always on the lookout for ways to provide value for our clients and one day the idea for a library came up. The idea centered on assisting clients in search of literary materials and/or to provide a resource to share information throughout the community. Melanie suggested that Tremendous Life Books and Tracey Jones may be able to assist with the effort and made the initial contact. Not long after that Tracey and her company Tremendous Life Books became the back end literary resource for Executive Suite clients.

Over this past year we have come to know Tracey and I can say without hesitation that she is an absolute delight. In “Life is Tremendous”, written by her father Charlie “Tremendous” Jones, he lays out 7 laws of leadership. The 4th law is called “Give to Get.” In this law he stresses that leadership is learning to give whether you get anything or not!! Tracey has learned this law and learned it well. Since our relationship began, she has done nothing but give. She has made introductions for us, encouraged us, shared new-found technologies and even has spoken with my daughter who is interested in reading and is preparing for her college career. She has done all of this with no expectation of anything in return. As proof positive of the 4th Law, Tracey now has advocates in the Executive Suite. This BLOG is but a small token of our appreciation and as opportunities present themselves, we will be first in line to sing her praises. I don’t believe we are the only ones either, I suspect Tracey has advocates in many places.

For those that don’t know Tracey C. Jones, I highly recommend seeking her out. She is a beacon shining in the night and like her father, she truly makes a difference in the lives she crosses. When she is not positively impacting others, she can be found at http://www.tremendouslifebooks.net or http://www.facebook.com/TremendousLifeBooks

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