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Live and In Person…..

While social networking and social media are all the rave lets not forget that true networking occurs when human beings congregate and get to know one another Live and in Person.

Social media and social networking are outstanding tools. Technology has given us an ability to keep up with one another and meet new people all form the comfort of our couch or desk. A Quick search here, a quick search there, send out a friend request and there you have it, a new friend or business colleague.

Businesses have also discovered that they can participate in the conversation and are using social media to develop their brands more than ever before. We believe the ones that do it successfully and have the products or services to back it up will outpace their competition in the marketplace.

But many of these relationships are little more than skin deep. That’s not to say that these acquaintances can’t be grown into deep and lasting relationships, because they can. An argument can be made that this can only be done through “Live and in person” encounters. Think of it like on line dating – everything seems “Great” right up until we meet in person. From here it can either mature into a meaningful relationship, or go south very quickly.

As it is with business, your online brand strategy may be all that and a bag of chips, but when John Q Customer meets up with your product or service, it better pass muster or you will find the on line conversation turning on you very quickly.

So while the whole world is abuzz about social media and networking, let’s not forget about a good old fashioned face to face encounter now and again. Have you had one of those lately?

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